The Healing Power of Sound

Remember being preoccupied with your Walkman or portable CD player? Or, for the younger generations, your iPod?

For me, music has always been largely significant in my everyday life. I’ve always felt that music heals… I just never knew exactly the reason for it. 

In “The Healing Power of Sound,” Mitchell Gaynor M.D. gives wonderful insight into how we can recover from major (and minor) illnesses using sound. This sound healing could come from voice, music, and/or sound bowls. 

Dr. Gaynor, an oncologist, begins by explaining how the Universe is in a continuous state of vibratory motion, which is energy (energy in motion). 

Sound is also a form of energy. 

Still with me?

This is where it gets interesting. 

When we use sound as a way of healing, our vibration will match the vibration of the Universe. Also known as, entrainment. 

So, at the very basic level, we need to become attuned to the very delicate vibrations of the Universe, in order to heal. 

He points out the importance of using some combination of Tibetan singing bowls, Quartz crystal bowls, Chanting (voice), or Mozart (music), with guided imagery. This seems to be the key. 

“The Healing Power of Sound” is full of examples and exercises that we can do right at home or with a practitioner. 

For instance, we can start with chanting the 7 single-syllable Sanskrit words that correspond to the seven chakras, or bija mantras:

LAM The root chakra

VAM The sacral chakra

RAM The solar plexus

YAM The heart chakra

HAM The throat chakra

OM Known as The third eye 

ALL SOUND (Encompasses all of the sound frequencies in nature) The crown chakra

There are many success stories included, as well. 

Throughout the book, we are encouraged to find a higher perspective and let go of the limiting aspects of our mind (i.e. our Ego). When we do this, we will be able to tap into our intuition, connect with our creator and live more from the perspective of our essence

This is something I have been working on and I’m excited to progress on this journey. Could my hearing loss be restored or even the strength in the rest of my body?

I believe so. 

Experience with Sound Healing or want to know more? Comment below! And thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Sound

  1. I also believe that sound does heal and like you my world contains music almost 24/7. I have always been fascinated by the Chakras. Thank you for your insights into what seems like a very interesting read 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s a trip how sound can do so much, including healing. I’m fascinated by the Chakras too…I’ve seen such huge changes in my mindset, when I find balance in each one

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