The Power of Awakening

Imagine for a moment, you are dreaming, when suddenly you wake up. You realize you were dreaming and go on about your day. 

This is what Dr. Wayne W. Dyer compares “The Power of Awakening” to. 

For much of my life, I was preoccupied with this physical form of mine. I could never see beyond “what is”, in order to see how much more I am (as we all are). We are more than this physical form. I must admit, the metaphysical was confusing and somewhat scary to me. 

Dr. Dyer does an excellent job of breaking this concept down. 

Firstly, when we begin to see things differently and new beliefs start to form, we begin to awaken. 

Have you ever stopped to think why humans are so rigid in their beliefs sometimes? Congratulations, you may be awakening. 

Secondly, our beliefs play an extraordinary role in what manifests. We will manifest or create what we believe is needed in our lives. Then, with this understanding, we develop compassion for others because we see that they are creating what they believe they need. 

Mind blown…

But that isn’t even the half of it. 

Dr. Dyer also explains that during your awakening, you’ll develop compassion for everything, not only human beings. You’ll strive to be more humane, even when it comes to the food you consume. 

He says one of the ways he has changed is by letting go of his need to be right and tell people how they are wrong. For me, I have let go of resisting change. 

In “The Power of Awakening,” we are given 3 keys  to higher awareness that follow changing or at least questioning beliefs ingrained in us by others. 

We need to get rid of our doubts. Period. He says that we will tend to act on even the smallest doubt of what is possible for us. But how do we do that? 

Realize that you can see God manifest in everything. Let that stick. 

He also gives us some great action steps to get rid of doubt. 

After we get rid of the doubt, then we can get outside this physical form and become the witness. Notice, observe, witness things going on around you, with compassion. Detach from any outcome and just observe. And remember, what you give your attention and energy to, will grow. 

Once we develop our ability to be the witness, we will need to quiet the self-talk. This self chatter is largely related to the beliefs that have been given to us, whether they are helpful or not. So, quiet your thoughts and let the witness grow, ultimately your higher self. 

Silence is the (third) key. 

From there, it will be important to tame the ego, go with the flow and grow in your ability to visualize. 

If you want me to review more from Dr. Wayne Dyer, hit the comments below and thanks for reading!

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