Eat The Yolks

Who needs a mid-week laugh?

I’m here for it. 

In her book “Eat The Yolks,” Liz Wolfe, NTP aims to educate us on all things Paleo and living a healthy lifestyle. But she also provides insight on how the food industry has misled people for so many years in order to make a buck. And she does this all while being ridiculously funny. 

The theme throughout the book is to eat real food, not food that has been manufactured or has come from a factory farm. Find out where your food comes from, especially if you consume meat. 

Liz Wolfe starts by discussing fat and why it is good for our bodies. Yes, you read that correctly, we need to consume natural, unrefined fat. She also points out that we need cholesterol as well. For example, in order for our bodies to utilize fat-soluble vitamins, we need those healthy fats. 

We get a hysterical history lesson on the “demonization of fats and cholesterol.” Over the past 70 years or so, science experiments have been done, lies have been told, and half truths have been sold. And consumers (myself included), have bought right into it. 

It’s in this section that she stresses the importance of consuming animal fats. 

How could natural fats be worse than the fats being manufactured in factories? I’ll just leave it at that…

Next up, protein. 

This subject is highly debatable… and understandably so. It’s tough to think about eating something that had to die for our own nourishment. But Liz Wolfe raised some very valid points about eating animals (she’s a fan of steak and of course, leaving in the egg yolks). 

She points out the importance of animals being naturally and humanely raised. Otherwise, we probably would not be getting the necessary nutrients from them. Think, vitamin B12…

Paleo is based on getting the proper nutrition from real food, in the way Cavemen once did. Hence, the importance of eating “creatures,” as she refers to them. 

Can we get protein from plants? Sure.

Should we rely on plants for protein? Again, debatable.

Last on the list of macronutrients is carbohydrates. Here, the author leaves it to common sense, since our bodies don’t actually need carbohydrates to survive. Stay away from packaged foods and you should be good to go. Also, eat as many carbs as you feel your body operates best with, for energy consumption. Sweet potato, anyone?

Several important micronutrients are discussed towards the  end of the book. She provides some great information on vitamin A, D, K2, and omega-3 fatty acids, among others. She really hands it to the supplement industry when she says that supplement labels should read “this sh*t fake.”

All jokes aside, I learned so many important key points about making more informed dietary decisions to optimize my health. This book was well done!

I hope this book of the week review has provided some value to you. As always, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Eat The Yolks

  1. I’ve never looked into the Paleo theology but your words are intriguing. I’m very fascinated in the process of nutrition and what is needed on a daily basis. Thank you for your insightful and humorous review on what seems to be very interesting book.

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