100% Choice

Becoming A Conscious Creator of Your Life 

Imagine being the creator of something so important that your life depends on it. 

Ironically, Sharon Shahaf believes and explains that we are the creators of our own lives. 

In her book, “100% Choice: Becoming A Conscious Creator of Your Life,” she explains how to harness this power that is within each of us. 

I think we all can agree on Sharon Shahaf’s key points:

  1. Humans have the gift of thought
  2. Humans have the gift of observation
  3. Humans have the gift of will
  4. Humans have the gift of play (have fun)
  5. Humans have the gift of love 

With these powerful gifts in mind, we can see how our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible, can shape our reality. But we must be aware of our thoughts. For example, have you ever paid close attention to your self-talk when you are trying to reach a goal? What are you communicating to yourself about what is possible?

By asking these questions, we can start to become conscious of our beliefs. Many, if not all, of our beliefs, are handed down from previous generations. Therefore, much of our pain and other issues began during childhood. The same goes for your parents and their parents and so on. 

How Do We Heal This Cycle?

The first step is to acknowledge that certain feelings are still a part of us. She says that suppressed emotions will manifest in our behavior. This is not to imply placing blame…just acknowledging that the feeling is there. 

Once we can acknowledge, then we can start to let go of unrealistic expectations. Love others for who they are and accept where they are in life. This doesn’t mean to become a doormat, but forgiveness is the key to move forward. 

Letting Go of Fear

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that much of our culture is rooted in fear, created as a form of control. 

Reading this book opened my eyes to the different ways that fear has played a role in my life. From moving out on my own to accepting change and letting go of loved ones. I realize that my fears were based on the illusion that I didn’t have control over my life. 

When I began to examine my thoughts and beliefs, my reality began to change. 

Taking Full Responsibility 

Sharon Shahaf has provided us with a great guide on taking full responsibility for our creations and focusing on things we need to change within ourselves. We should consider the possible outcomes of our actions and proceed accordingly. When considering our situation, it’s important to focus on what is within our control and avoid a victim mindset. 

Remember, your emotional energy is felt by those around you and will have an influence on your interaction. 

I hope this short recap of “100% Choice, ” has helped awaken you, if even in a small way. 

Thank you for reading!

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