The Biology of Belief

If there is one reoccurring theme in all of humanity, it is the importance of our beliefs. So many aspects of our lives are defined and/or decided by what we believe.

Imagine being a cell biologist (getting your start in the 1960s) and having your beliefs crushed by a scientific epiphany. 

This is what Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. describes in “The Biology of Belief.”

It was in a moment that he realized there is only a small contribution by genes in a cell’s life; the physical and energetic environment has more control than he thought. 

This is hugely important because it shows us that our lives are determined more by our responses to environmental signals, rather than genes like we previously believed.

And it was outside of traditional academia that he came to this realization.

“The Magical Membrane”

The membrane is what Bruce Lipton calls the real brain that controls cellular life. He creatively refers to the cell membrane as plastic wrap with holes. This is how life-sustaining food and information enters our cells. He takes it a step further by showing us an illustration of bread and butter (with olives), to demonstrate how some things are passed through and some are not.

Being the great cellular biologist that he is, he goes into a deep explanation about the membrane’s phospholipids and the polarity of their molecules.

How does this relate to our beliefs?

Have you ever wondered about healing treatments that go against the old belief style of Newtonian physics? How is energy and matter really related?

Let’s start with the belief that energy fields can influence physiology and health. Some energy healing modalities include chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture.  

Energy and matter are intertwined. 

In fact, physicists have realized that everything in the universe is made of energy. (p. 87)

Therefore, our thoughts (the mind’s energy) and body are tied together. 

What we believe sends signals to our bodies and creates our reality. So, our mind can (and does) countermand genetic programming. 

Bruce Lipton believes that utilizing the power of the mind can be more effective than drugs some individuals have been programmed to believe they need.

Powerful words. 

This is another book that has catapulted me onto my healing journey. I have reevaluated my views on Western medicine. I now believe that this is my body and I have the power to heal it. 

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment below!

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