The CrazyBrave Songwriter

Continuing on the creative journey from my last post, I wanted to mention Lisa M. Arreguin’s book “The Crazy Brave Songwriter.”

This is a spiritual guide to songwriting but could be valuable in any craft you choose. 

The Spark

“The Crazy Brave Songwriter” starts with the spark. This is that one small idea that is only the beginning and slowly grows. When we receive this spark of insight, we must listen. 

Have you ever had an idea but didn’t act on it? Then, you find that someone else has the same idea and creates a huge success story from it? That was probably the Universe (or God, your choice of name) speaking directly to you. 


Because you are deeply loved and uniquely important to the future of the collective human experience. (Chapter 3)

It is in our best interest to listen to this guidance. 

“The Crazy Brave Songwriter” dissects the songwriting process as it relates to telling a story. We have to figure out who the characters are and how we can make an impact on others with this story. 

Journaling is a great way to get started with putting our ideas on paper. The more often we do this, the more ideas will just flood through us. I have personally experienced this.

She says that writing honestly can help us find a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves. Others may even be healed by your music (or whatever you choose to create).

Lisa Arreguin’s story hit home for me. It wasn’t until she became very sick that she learned to listen to her small still voice (intuition). This voice was telling her that through the hustle and bustle of life, she stopped creating her music and needed to get back to it. Reading this reawakened the joy of songwriting for me. I may not write every day, but that is something I’m striving for. 

Is your intuition speaking to you? Feel free to share below.

Thank you for reading today, I hope it was a midweek joy!

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