The Mastery of Love

Welcome to part 2 of my Don Miguel Ruiz book review. 

Today, we’ll discuss the Toltec wisdom book on “The Mastery of Love.”

In this book, we get a lesson on mastering relationships and becoming masters of love. 

To begin the journey of being a master of love, it is important to understand that all humans have a mental illness called fear. 

Fear is manifested as anger, sadness, and hypocrisy. It is tough for our reasoning minds to function properly when we are operating from too much fear. To make matters worse, humans have the same continuous fear of being hurt in some way. How do we protect our emotional wounds and fear of being hurt?


This denial system and the lies we tell ourselves create a wall that blinds us from the truth. 

The wounded mind, as Don Miguel Ruiz calls it, starts at a very young age when we are learning the system of reward and punishment. Fear is used by parents, teachers, or religion to teach us how to be domesticated. Then, with each experience of injustice, our fear increases. 

Do you see the cycle?

But the knowledge of the Toltec tells us that we can change this cycle. 

We need to remember that our personal truth is not the truth for any other person. Everything you know about yourself is only true for you.

With that being said, there is a great explanation of the differences between love and fear. For example, love has no expectations, yet fear is full of expectations. 

Building from there, we learn how to create our “perfect relationship.“ We start by being impeccable with our word. Doesn’t it make sense that we should say exactly what we want in a relationship? 

Also, when you are completely honest with yourself and the other person, you give that person the opportunity to be completely honest as well.

It is important to remember that you cannot change anyone. 

The goal is to love unconditionally. 

If you choose to be in a relationship with someone who is not perfect (Who is perfect?!), do your best. In doing your best and loving your partner the way he or she is, with a completely open heart, you’ll experience heaven through that love.

If this resonated with you, I would love to hear your thoughts, so, comment below!

Thanks for reading the blog!

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