Walking The 10 Paths of Self Healing

Whenever I feel like my healing journey has stalled or I just don’t know what steps to take next, I refer back to Nadav Ben Yehuda’s “Walking The 10 Paths Of Self Healing.”

Nadav Ben Yehuda opens the book by asking if we are ready to be healed and what are we willing to do to achieve that healing. 

As with most things in life, the healing journey begins with changes. What changes are you willing to make?

The first and second paths of the healing journey include responsibility and commitment. We must agree that any type of healing that we need is an individual responsibility. I needed to be reminded that no matter how many people can assist along the way, the responsibility remains with me. Nadav Ben Yehuda’s cancer diagnosis brought him to this realization. 

Along with accepting responsibility, we will need to commit to healing. 

What does this mean?

It means investing all of your energy, strength, and resources into your healing. There should be no half-stepping, go all-in. 

Remember that actively engaging in whatever you commit to is what makes it more than simply words. 

Next, Nadav explains how listening to the wake-up call of dis-ease, filtering out negative impacts on healing, and total devotion to the process will help us continue on our journey. This is a great map to follow. How often do we forget the negative impact of things on our spiritual, mental, or physical health?

Also, it is important to understand that although the responsibility remains with us, the Universe is working with us and we are not alone on this journey. 

Have compassion for yourself and others. We are all trying to heal from something. This will only serve to empower you. 

When we have compassion and see things through the eyes of love, we see our true nature and that of others, which is healthy.   

Once we have learned “The 10 Paths Of Self Healing” and have healed, we should show others the way to their own self healing. 

I am grateful for the road map laid out by Nadav Ben Yehuda, it has helped me tremendously. 

Have any tips for a healing journey? Comment below and thanks for reading!

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