Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion

Let me just start by saying that I found Émile Coué’s “Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion” deeply fascinating. 

First, we should establish the importance of our conscious and unconscious selves. 

Our unconscious self is responsible for our organ functioning. Additionally, it is our unconscious self that presides over our actions, even sometimes against our will. It basically accepts and perfectly remembers what it is told. 

Émile Coué refers to this as our imagination. I think of it as our beliefs. 

On the other hand, our conscious self often has an unreliable memory. This is basically where our will resides. 

Have you ever tried to will yourself to do something only to do the opposite? Insomnia, anyone?

Our will always yields to our imagination. 

If you don’t quite agree, there is a great example of how our imagination will override our will when faced with a difficult situation. 

But honestly, after giving it some thought, it’s easy to see that our actions don’t really change unless our beliefs do. Whatever you imagine (or believe), you will achieve.

With that being said, we should learn to guide our unconscious selves. 



Émile Coué describes autosuggestion as implanting an idea in oneself by oneself. 

But this could also come from suggestions by others. We (our unconscious self) just have to be willing to accept those suggestions in order for them to become autosuggestions.

Therefore, we need to be conscious of the autosuggestions that we give ourselves. In other words, this must be done carefully because if the unconscious accepts the suggestion and transforms it into an autosuggestion, that thing will be manifested specifically. 

This can also be compared to hypnosis. 

Whatever we can imagine to be possible or persuade our unconscious to believe is possible, we can see it happen in our reality. 

This can also work in the reverse, where if we do not believe or cannot imagine something to be possible, then that will be our reality.

A great way to practice autosuggestion is to sit alone with no distractions and concentrate on the thing that you want to come to pass. Remember to avoid involving your will when practicing autosuggestion though. 

If you are willing and able to understand that thoughts which entirely fill your mind, become true and tend to transform into action, then you will be able to practice autosuggestion. 

Again, this concept is so fascinating to me and I have learned so much from Émile Coué. I refer back to this book often. 

Comment below if you have had success with autosuggestion. And thank you so much for reading today! 

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