Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

Through all of my studies about what the human brain is capable of, I have seen that true transformation is possible. But there was still the question of how to change and where to start. 

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” that I started to get some answers. 

“Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” is all about not waiting on science to tell us when or if we can accomplish the uncommon. 

I’m here for that. 

Looking deeply at our beliefs and keeping an open mind will get us on the path to transformation. 

To break old habits that no longer serve us, beliefs rooted in religion, culture, education, or family may need to be replaced with beliefs that serve us better. Some of the things that Dr. Dispenza says that we need to overcome include:

  1. The Environment
  2. The Body
  3. Time 
  4. Living in survival mode 

There is an extensive discussion on how overcoming these things will continue to serve us and help us grow. He reminds us of how we unconsciously live by memorized sets of behaviors, thoughts, and emotional reactions.

Therefore, simple positive thinking will not bring about permanent changes to the subconscious mind. 

If you can go from thinking to doing to being, you can rewrite your automatic habits and attitudes. Mentally rehearse the desired experience (thinking), experience the emotions of that event before it has physically manifested and you automatically move to a new state of being.  

Cultivating a good meditation practice is important. But the key I have found to be even more helpful is learning that the true purpose of meditation is to get beyond the analytical mind and enter into the subconscious mind to make real permanent changes. 

That is what I’m after. 

Through meditation, what we intend should be our focus instead of externals like environment, the body, and time.

The step-by-step meditation process provided by Dr. Dispenza comes with the reminder that taking the steps will allow you to prune away the habit of being yourself and create a new mind for your new future.

It is a recommended four-week program to learn the process. But don’t let that put you off, 4 weeks is nothing compared to a lifetime of change.

I really can’t say enough about Dr. Dispenza and his transformational work. If you are not familiar with him, please check him out.

I hope you found this helpful on your journey to transformation. Thank you for reading! 

By the way, my lovely sister started a campaign for me, if you’re so inclined, check it out, positive thoughts and/or prayers are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

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