On The Shortness of Life

Have you ever struggled with procrastination? Or got lost scrolling through social media? 

There are so many time-wasting activities that many people engage in without even realizing how short life can be.

From the opening chapter of “On The Shortness of Life,” Seneca provides many insights and lessons on using our time on this earth wisely. 

We can compare life to wealth, if we allocate it appropriately it will increase and there will be plenty of it. We must guard our time like we would guard our wealth. In other words, if we use time wisely, life is not short. 

For example, when we set goals, our actions should be getting us closer to those goals. We shouldn’t waste time on things that are useless in the end. Many of us allow others to dictate what we do with our time on this earth and Seneca says this is a mistake. We should not squander time as if we will live forever. Furthermore, he says that depending on tomorrow and wasting today is the biggest hindrance to living. 

Seneca goes on to say that vices only keep us down and chained to lust. Vices do not allow us to rise or be our true selves.

Our vices have a way of creeping in and swallowing up huge amounts of time, even if they have been disguised under the image of temporary pleasure.

He says that the life of a philosopher has more range and freedom from limitations than others. 

Those who take time for philosophy really live. 

We can learn from those who came before us and prepared the way. 

My main takeaway from “On The Shortness of Life” is that this moment is what’s important. We should plan for the future but not be preoccupied with it since it is not guaranteed. We should also think about our existence and the meaning of it. 

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to comment below. I appreciate you checking out the blog today, I hope it added some value to your life!

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