Atomic Habits

The old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and James Clear’s classic book “Atomic Habits” is no exception.
In the first few pages, we get the background on his life-altering injury that could have created a life of depression and disappointment, but just the opposite happened. In the aftermath of his traumatic injury, James Clear decided to create habits to bounce back and create the life he wanted. 

“Atomic Habits“ is not about making huge strides toward some goal (like I had originally thought going into it). Instead, it is more about incremental and compounded habits that can help us become the person we want to be. Just like atoms are small parts of some thing, small habits, performed on a regular basis, reinforce our identity. 

There are four laws of behavioral change:

  1. Make it obvious 
  2. Make it attractive 
  3. Make it easy 
  4. Make it satisfying 

The book is divided into four parts with step-by-step instructions on leveraging each law to create systems of change. There are also guides on cultivating the opposite of these laws in order to break bad habits. I found the inverse of the laws to be a helpful addition because in creating change, I think it’s easy to forget about our bad habits (social media, anyone?).

When creating “Atomic Habits,” it is important to think in terms of compounding. It isn’t small habits that make the difference, it is how our habits are compounded over time. We may not see results until a day in the future, but the accumulation of consistent habits will pay off. 

James Clear also provides insight on the importance of tracking our habits. Reviewing and reassessing our habits in relation to our growing and evolving identity is very important. As things change and we obtain new information, habit tracking will come in handy. 

We should always avoid becoming complacent and strive for improvement. 

I can’t say enough about how “Atomic Habits” has helped me focus on the right system to create change. I have often been stuck in motion but haven’t seen any progress. The four laws have helped me to take more action instead of spinning my wheels(literally and figuratively). 

How about you? Have you read “Atomic Habits” and implemented the strategies? Comment below!

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