The Alchemist

Personal legends and the Language of The World…two unfamiliar concepts before I experienced Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist.” If you have dreamed of becoming or doing anything, you probably know your personal legend. But the Language of The World is a concept that is slightly more complicated. 

In “The Alchemist,” we are taken along on the journey of a young man who is discovering and pursuing his personal legend. As a young man, Santiago dreams of traveling but lacks the money to do so. With the help of his father, he decides to become a shepherd. Shepherds traveled the land, selling sheep’s wool. Therefore, becoming a shepherd was perfect for Santiago because of his desire to see others’ land and how they live. 

Then, he realizes a new personal legend that he must pursue. 

Throughout the story, some adventures and lessons lead the young man to where he dreams of. He experiences financial loss and tremendous financial gains in pursuit of his goal. But more importantly, he learns lessons about life and knowing what we really want(with the help of a great teacher). For example, he spends nearly a year bouncing back from financial hardship and then realizes that it is time to move on towards his dream. He doesn’t become complacent and stuck in a place where he knows he is not destined to be. Furthermore, early on, he learns to listen to his intuition and what the universe guides him to do. 

His experiences crossing the desert and meeting the love of his life are nothing short of inspirational. The way he struggles to stay true to himself is something that I can relate to, and how he overcame that struggle was eye-opening. 

I think we all know deep down what calls us, but sometimes we let life’s distractions be just that. It could be out of fear of failure or not really knowing what we want. Either way, if we are still, we can hear what is in our hearts. 

Then, we’ll need the courage to pursue our hearts desires and try the things that seem impossible to achieve.

I hope this short synopsis has inspired you to pick up “The Alchemist.” I have made it a tradition to re-read this book every year as I take inventory of the direction of my life.

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