Break Free of Negative Beliefs

I first came across Suzi Conklin Nance’s book “Break Free of Negative Beliefs” when I began my health and wellness journey. At the time, I had hoped to get some insight on losing weight, but it has inspired so much more in me. 

Suzi Conklin Nance struggled with her weight from early childhood to adulthood. But after trying numerous diets, she finally decided to love and accept herself, excess weight and all. At the same time, she knew there were things in her life that needed to be released. And in choosing to allow herself to release what was no longer needed, she began by getting rid of her old clothing. She says that letting go of emotional baggage could include external baggage because it tends to weigh us down.

The idea of external baggage is something that I can relate to, and purging unnecessary stuff is so therapeutic. 

Although Suzi began to have some consistent success with weight loss, she was still experiencing pain throughout her body, fatigue, and brain fog. She was told that the pain was due to some form of autoimmune disease, which was never officially diagnosed. She had to take her health into her own hands. 

Through her research, Suzi began to discover the mind/body connection and the power we have to heal ourselves. The discovery of the power of the mind led her to hypnotherapy. Starting with self-hypnosis, she was able to change her view on exercising.  

I found this idea to be pretty incredible. Suzi had discovered the last piece of the puzzle to get herself to where she wanted to be. 

But to understand the steps outlined to experience true change, we should start with figuring out our why—figuring out where we want to be and why is the only way to fully get there. 

An important aspect to keep in mind is that our subconscious mind controls so much of our automatic behaviors, beliefs, actions, and attitudes. Our habits are formed and strengthened in our subconscious, which does not like change. But we have the power to transform our brains. 

There are a few ways to update our core beliefs, including self-hypnosis. Hypnosis can create new neural pathways in the brain. 

A strategic plan is laid out in the book to get started with the process. I have found the process of scripting to be the most helpful. 

“Break Free of Negative Beliefs” is an excellent tool for discovering limiting or negative beliefs and changing them to build the life we want. I have found this to be true regarding losing weight or achieving some other goal. 

Do you have any experience with hypnotherapy? I would love to hear from you! And as always, thanks for reading today!

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