Into The Soul: The Mystery of Energy Healing 

Since I’m on a healing journey, I think it is time to talk about energy healing. Many years ago, I discovered Kinneret Maayan’s book “Into The Soul: The Mystery of Energy Healing” and was immediately intrigued. 

Energy healing and the spiritual world are very powerful and can take years to develop. It is essential to start down this spiritual path with an open mind. 

Kinneret Maayan has provided treatment and guidance work to countless individuals for over 15 years. She began as a teacher and, because of life circumstances, embarked on her own healing journey before starting healing treatments for others. She says that she knew the guidance and healing had to begin with working on herself first.

Her journey began with writing about the spiritual experience, which led to messages that she didn’t fully understand at first. But there was an inner voice that reassured her that there was a connection to a process of creation. Her perseverance led to discoveries of hidden meanings beyond the obvious. 

I enjoyed reading the passages that she included in the book. It was interesting to see her writings evolve. I admire her curiosity and thirst for learning. 

The second part of the book dives into a discussion about Kinneret’s therapeutic sessions. Her work includes energetic treatments, creative work, and group work (where she teaches theoretical material along with experiential activities). The treatments enable energy transference during a silent dialogue between her and her client. We are even given a look at several sessions of what the energetic treatment involves. Of course, she has the utmost respect for her clients and does not reveal names or specific circumstances. But we can see that the work is creative and profound. 

Kinneret Maayan’s revelations about her childhood and personal life help to show just how much healing she had to experience in order to become the person she is today. I have a deep admiration for her strength. 

I believe we all have the capacity to heal, grow, and create, and this book further proves that. 

Feel free to comment below if you are so inclined. And thank you so much for stopping by today!

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