The Power of Now 

How many of us can say that we have little use for the past and honestly believe it? I think many of us define who we are based on our history, and it creates our identity. At the same time, forming this identification can hinder our growth.

Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” goes into a deep discussion about harnessing the power of the present moment and resisting the urge to live in the past or continually project into the future.  Presented in a question and answer format, the author goes through a long list of concerns about living in the present moment and regaining awareness of Being (you could call this God). He also points out that we should not get hung up on words but should be more focused on feeling the presence of Being. 

One of the obstacles to experiencing Being is our identification with our mind. As humans, we tend to be compulsive thinkers, which creates this mind-made self that is not the real deal “you.” This identity that we create is often based on fear and suffering. How could this be your true essence? Our labels, images, words, and judgments often block authentic relationships between us and our surroundings, as well as our relationship with Being/God. 

One of the steps to becoming more present is to observe your thoughts. This is most easily achieved by directing your entire focus to the present moment. Whatever you are doing presently, start by focusing on your breathing, then your senses, and build from there. The important thing is to stay in this moment completely. This will cause your consciousness to grow stronger and help you dis-identify from your mind. 

Another observation should be of our emotions. Emotions are often felt in the body. Therefore, it is essential to ask yourself what is going on inside your body. Emotions can usually lead us to discover our thought patterns, so it is important to become conscious of them and the unconscious identification.  

Eckhart Tolle also refers to the pain-body as a part of us that we need to dis-identify with. The pain-body is something that our ego identifies with and continues to hold onto throughout our lives. It includes our past pain and can be triggered in a variety of different situations. Becoming aware of the pain-body as soon as it is activated can be a powerful spiritual tool in transmuting all past pain. 

This blog is barely scratching the surface on how we can heal ourselves and grow spiritually. This is another book that I re-read once a year and always learn something new. 

If you have read the book, feel free to comment below. And thank you so much to everyone who has read this blog in 2021!

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