The Financial Healer

I’ve noticed that discussing finances is tough for some people. Many of us either feel ashamed about our financial situation or don’t really understand the importance of a healthy relationship with money. Sticking with a theme of a new year and new beginning, I wanted to mention “The Financial Healer.”

“The Financial Healer” by Mark Bristow is a story about a man who works hard every day yet struggles financially. “Alex” works in financial services and has a great head on his shoulders. He has an admirable relationship with his mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces. When it comes to sustaining an intimate relationship, it doesn’t usually end well. But he isn’t a totally unhappy person. 

Alex’s financial struggles are not unique: he rents an apartment, has credit card and loan debt, and doesn’t take his own financial advice. He knew he should start saving but didn’t. He continued to accumulate debt by buying things he didn’t need. At one point, he started earning more money but then started spending more rather than saving or paying off debt. Money began to control his outlook on life and contributed to his growing frustration. 
Who can relate?

Then, he decided to find a money guru who could provide some sort of magic wand to improve his finances. Surprisingly, he found a lot of helpful advice from books and the internet. But none of the advice stuck, and he continued on the same path. 

At this point, Mark Bristow mentions one of my favorite quotes: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.” At some point, we realize that things need to change, and we do not want to turn back and get stuck in the same cycle. 

In this case, Alex decided to attend a workshop where he would learn from “The Financial Healer.” He traveled thousands of miles to attend the workshop and ended up learning a great deal about himself. For example, he discovered his own beliefs about his worthiness. He had never realized how much his beliefs dictated his behavior. It starts with the subconscious. 

One of the critical points of the book is that we have to decide who we want to be in life. It is about so much more than money or financial status. We need to be willing to do the work on ourselves. Otherwise, nothing will change. 

“The Financial Healer” is an entertaining story with great lessons and insight. 

If you have read the book, leave a comment below. And thanks for reading!

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