Eat Smarter 

If you need a reason to eat healthy food, Shawn Stevenson’s book “Eat Smarter” may be your answer. Going beyond the science of food and fat loss, Shawn Stevenson explores how much dietary choices are connected to productivity, creativity, and memory. He also discusses meal timing, stress snacking and fasting.

When aiming for fat loss, it is important to be aware of the five types of fat: subcutaneous, visceral, brown, intramuscular, and beige. Shawn does a great job explaining each type of fat in simple (and hilarious) terms. For example, visceral fat is constantly putting the liver in a chokehold and can be dangerous. Also, it is essential to remember that your body will burn glucose and glycogen for fuel before it will use stored fat for fuel. Furthermore, in order to get the fat to actually make an exit, three key enzymes must be involved. 

But fat loss is not the only reason to “Eat Smarter.” Shawn Stevenson also explains how the changes we can make in our brains depend on the food we eat and the things we drink. Firstly, we need to maintain a balance between our water intake and our electrolyte levels. Our brains are highly dependent on electrolytes to send signals throughout brain cells. Another essential nutrient is DHA, which is an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA can improve memory and reaction time. It is recommended that we deliver DHA to our brains every day. But there are also a host of other fats that can help you boost your brain power, which Shawn discusses in the book.

In the final section, Shawn explains the science behind timing our meals. For instance, intermittent fasting can improve metabolic function by shifting the metabolism from fat storage to the mobilization of body fat to be used as fuel. This type of timed eating/fasting has become very popular over the years and with great reason. Intermittent fasting also has significant effects on our satiety hormones. One hormone that is increased during intermittent fasting is adiponectin, which helps the body move fat away from the visceral areas. 

I haven’t tried the meal plan offered at the end of the book yet. But I will keep you updated on its efficiency when I get started.

Shawn Stevenson brought the knowledge (and jokes), and I highly recommend checking this one out. 

Thank you for checking out the blog today, I hope it has added some value to your life!

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