Being In Balance

If you are anything like me, finding balance between what is desired and how we conduct our lives on a daily basis can be challenging when juggling work, school, family, etc. In “Being In Balance,” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains that getting in balance is about realigning ourselves with our thoughts. 

For many of us, there is an imbalance between what we dream of deep within and the habits of our daily lives. Having a dream of an extraordinarily satisfying way of living yet living in contrast with it can feel like a small voice constantly reminding you that you are ignoring something. There can be a sense that our way of life and our reason for life are out of balance. In a way, I feel that the work I currently do is tipping my balance scale in the opposite direction of what I have imagined myself to be. But in anyone else’s case, this tipping of the scale could come from people we interact with, geographic location, books we read, movies we watch, and conversations we take part in. It just depends on what is unhealthy for a particular person’s life.  At some point and on some level, you will feel when something is wrong for you. 

The good news is that we can find our equilibrium. 

If we can recognize the ways we are sabotaging ourselves, we can rebalance the scale of our lives. Everyone’s desire to live from greatness is part of his/her spiritual energy. Furthermore, our mental energy attracts what we think about. If we focus on how someone made us angry, that mental energy will attract more of the same. 

Dr. Dyer provides nine principles to help create daily habits that match what we truly desire. He says that the most important principle is to know that you are the only person responsible for realizing the imbalance between your daily habits and what you dream your life to be. After we take responsibility for our imbalance, we can create a new alignment and begin to see how we can use our imagination to create a new reality. It may take some effort, but the key is shifting thinking patterns to match dreams. It is vital to commit to thinking about what you want and avoid being concerned about how seemingly impossible or difficult it will be. 

Make it a habit to think in alignment with your dreams. 

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the wealth of knowledge contained in “Being In Balance,” but I hope you got something out of this blog today. Feel free to leave a comment below, and thanks for reading!

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