The Last Black Unicorn

It is time for some comic relief here at the blog. 

Who’s here for it?

From the opening pages of “The Last Black Unicorn,” Tiffany Haddish had me laughing hysterically. But this isn’t the type of laughter that is for the delicate at heart. At times, it is vulgar and gut-wrenching, but if you can see beyond the pain, then read on.

From an abusive mother to foster care to being taunted by peers, Tiffany went through it all while she was growing up. The wart on her forehead was one of the things that kids made fun of her about, labeling her as “Dirty A** Unicorn.” So, what did she do? She cut it off with scissors while sitting in class one day. Cutting off her wart and bleeding all over the place finally brought some compassion from her peers. But it grew back until her grandmother eventually took her to have it properly burned off, which ushered in her new nickname, “The Last Black Unicorn.”

It wasn’t until high school that one of her teachers discovered that she couldn’t read. She had succeeded in passing her classes up to that point by either using her humor to get people to let her copy their work or by getting her peers to read passages to her so she could memorize it. She was very clever growing up. Once her drama teacher realized what so many others had missed, she taught Tiffany how to read. 

It was outside of academia that Tiffany flourished. For example, she was so popular as the school mascot that she eventually hustled her way to get paid for the gig. 

Who does that?!

Then, she found success as an energy producer at Bar Mitzvahs. There’s a pretty funny story about her trying to get one of the older gentlemen involved in the excitement of one of the gigs. It didn’t exactly end on the most positive note but let’s just say a little booty bump brought the guy joy. 

Tiffany’s stories about past relationships are hilarious and traumatizing. What she does to get back at a cheating boyfriend left me dying with laughter. I will never look at a man’s pair of shoes the same. 

The ex-husband was crazy, though. This was one of the few stories that was not funny. I’m glad she got out of that situation, finally. 

I love the way Tiffany Haddish can find humor in almost any situation. It is a philosophy that I try to live my life by, so I can definitely relate to her thought process. 

Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your stories and bringing the laughter!

And thank you to everyone who is keeping up with this blog; I hope it adds some value to your day!

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