Metaphysical Meditations

If you are interested in strengthening your spiritual practice, this may be the book for you. In “Metaphysical Meditations,” Paramahansa Yogananda provides us with hundreds of prayers, meditations, and affirmations. This book can be helpful to those of all faiths. 

In the opening pages, there is a prayer that we all come to the understanding that all nations are physically and spiritually one. We are children of one God and descendants of common parents, symbolically Adam and Eve. 

Paramahansa Yogananda then goes on to explain the importance of meditation and that the object is to attain awareness of God and our soul‘s eternal oneness with Him. Coming into this awareness will bring the blessings of peace, love, joy, wisdom, and power. Furthermore, meditation is a particular form of concentration focused on God and can be used to know God. 

With that being said, Paramahansa Yogananda then offers us prayers addressing God, affirmations about God or truth, and spiritual guidance directed at our own consciousness. We can go through the book and select the meditations that we need in the moment. You will know God‘s presence when you feel peace and joy that would generally be inconceivable. He says that by finding God within, you will find him in all people and all conditions.

I especially found value in the meditation on page 70. Here, the author explains how we can expand on just the tiniest amount of joy. When we meditate on the smallest amount of joy, it will grow bigger and spread into our consciousness. This is the true joy that the ego is seeking.

I can say that I have tried this, and it works.

He takes it a step further by declaring that he will be a joy billionaire, finding wealth in God’s realm. This will make it possible to accomplish spiritual and material prosperity at the same time.

One other prayer that I want to mention is the request that health, prosperity, and wisdom seek me instead of pursuing them. This prayer makes me see how I have been doing this all wrong, which may seem funny, but not really. Although I think it is important to have goals, maybe sometimes we also need to allow things to unfold. We have to believe that God wants the best for us no matter what. 

This tiny book has enormous value for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice. I have only had it a short time, and I am so grateful for the lessons so far.

If you have read the book, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so comment below. Thanks for checking out the blog today!

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