Resilience From The Heart

As I write this blog, I am very tired from a sleepless night due to being in pain. Equipped with the lessons I learned from Gregg Braden’s book “Resilience From The Heart,” I began my day with thoughts of gratitude. 

To clarify, “Resilience From The Heart” is a revised and updated version of Gregg’s earlier book “The Turning Point.”

In this edition, we learn how to thrive in life’s extremes. The key to thriving is acknowledging the issues and then dealing with them. Furthermore, the way we think about things determines the way we deal with our needs whenever we are faced with a new normal. To be successful on our journey, we will need to be willing to think differently. Gregg also states that we should make new possibilities a priority. He says that there is a crisis in thinking that can hold us all back from transformation. 

“Resilience From The Heart” includes many actionable steps we can take before any life change takes place. It is all about building resilience in advance. It is essential to know how to embrace changes in a healthy way.

The human heart has been viewed as the center of thoughts, emotions, memory, and personality for thousands of years. There have even been techniques developed to use the heart to channel intuition. In addition to this, when the heart and brain work together, we have even more tremendous potential. This is where the method for creating heart-brain coherence comes in. I have personally used this method for many months and have seen a difference in my professional and personal life. It is easy to use and only takes about three minutes. 

Gregg Braden goes on to say that this ability to create harmony in the body as preparation can allow us to be our best in any situation that follows. The beauty is that it doesn’t need to replace any of our current practices; it just helps us be our best during those practices. 

When we are faced with life changes, we can turn our experience into a transformation and thrive instead of just surviving. Gregg provides some great insight into choosing wisely when faced with a turning point. He reminds us that nature will always make room for new possibilities and improvements. 

From there, we are given many scenarios and ideas for adapting to circumstances that can lead to personal transformation and community transformation. There is no denying that we are all connected. 

How do you create resiliency in your life? Comment below!

Thank you for reading the blog today!

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