Think And Grow Rich

Whether you are struggling financially or simply looking for a way to make more progress, Napoleon Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich” has the potential to change your life. While this book focuses on monetary gain, the principles can easily be used for other areas where change is needed. 

It all starts with desire. Every achievement or creation originates with a thought or desire. This desire must transcend everything else and be definite. A desire is more than hoping or wishing for something; it is definite in intention, which should propel you into action. Napoleon Hill mentions having a desire for money and actually believing that you will possess it. We have to start by knowing exactly what we want and have an unmistakable desire for it. 

When we have a desire and are ready to pursue it, we should remember faith, courage, and tolerance. Having faith will translate into its spiritual equivalent and transmit your desire to Infinite Intelligence. This happens mostly during prayer. Building faith will bring us to visualization and belief in attaining our desire. We can build faith by repeating affirmations or instructions to our subconscious minds. Faith can be seen as a state of mind that can be developed voluntarily.

Another essential step in attaining what you desire is having an organized plan. It is important to write down your plans because it will give you some definitiveness in your actions. Writing plans down, or typing them, can also help you in the event that certain parts need to be changed or replaced (if something is not working).  

Persistence is going to play a huge part in attaining what you want. There will be obstacles that need to be overcome, and if it is a genuine desire, you will not want to give up. Napoleon Hill says that this is where many people will meet failure because of their lack of persistence, especially when new plans need to be created.

The last chapter deals with overcoming the ghosts of fear. There are many fears that you may not even realize that you possess. For example, many of us don’t realize that we have symptoms of the fear of criticism. This fear manifests through different traits such as lacking firmness of decision, spending beyond one’s means in order to keep up with others, and failure to embrace opportunities for self-advancement. The list goes on and on.

This is my second read-through of “Think And Grow Rich,” and my most important takeaway is the need for self-examination and knowing myself.

Have you read the book? If so, how has it helped you?

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