The Successful Mind

Have you ever wanted to read about successful habits from several different perspectives? Drawing from different perspectives and putting them all into one place, Erik Seversen created “The Successful Mind.” This is the type of book that I didn’t know I needed. 

Erik Seversen came up with the brilliant idea of co-authoring a book about success and mindset just after finishing his book “Explore.” In total, the insights come from 34 different professionals with diverse backgrounds in areas such as science, spirituality, business, healthy living, and sociology. Each chapter has a different author with a different perspective and some powerful words to improve our mindset.

The first ideas come from Robin Bela, a success mindset and manifestation coach. She says that we need to begin by understanding what we are meant to focus on and what we aren’t. I can relate when she says that for many years she thought she was meant to focus on working hard and has now realized that she was wrong. We should learn to consistently think differently so that we can get out of the lack and poverty consciousness.

The next insights come from Rúna Bouius, a public speaker and executive coach. In this chapter, we learn the importance of befriending change and facing fear. It is essential to understand how our minds work and then become more conscious of the choices we make so that we can activate the process of creation and manifestation. We want to be able to continuously generate new ideas/feelings and infinite possibilities. It is all about choosing an abundance mindset instead of a mindset of scarcity. 

One other set of ideas that I want to mention is by Cynthia Corsetti, an executive coach. Her chapter deals with feelings of adequacy. She says that even though we may have experiences that cause us to question our value or capacity, we should take note of core limiting beliefs that can affect every aspect of our lives and prevent us from living to our full potential. 

At the end of the day, I think we all want to live a purposeful and happy life, and “The Successful Mind” can show you how. The words are powerful, and the actionable steps can bring about positive change.

Let me know if you decide to check out the book, for now, thanks for reading the blog!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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