Have you ever felt like you have lost that sense of wonder and determination that you had as a child? Without even realizing it, I think the whole idea of “adulting” has changed my sense of what I can do in this world. 

Partly through reading about Kara Goldin’s personal and professional experiences in “Undaunted,” I have awoken to the role that fear has played in my adult life. But Kara Goldin assures us that “Undaunted” doesn’t mean that we will never need a helping hand; it just means overcoming our doubts and fears and even the doubts of others. 

Early on, Kara learned that one of the keys to success is opening many doors. She became genuinely interested in people and figuring out what would make them happy and what they value. We can’t accomplish anything in this world without other people. One of the qualities that I admire about her is her ability to ask the right questions. During her high school and college years, she learned a great deal and opened many job opportunities just by asking questions and really understanding what people wanted. She carries these lessons with her to this day.

Showing up is another key that Kara discovered early in her career. She was bold enough to show up at the offices of Fortune magazine to demand a job. This led her to an opportunity as an executive assistant at Time Inc. At the time, thanks to her dad, her motto became “what’s the worst that can happen?“ This is a very powerful mantra to live by, especially in the business world. With minimal experience, she began a career in the corporate world. She also followed another fundamental principle, which was to avoid thinking about what she couldn’t do and instead figure out what she could do and then do it to the best of her ability.

After many years and several different corporate companies, she started exploring other professional possibilities. It all started with her addiction to Diet Coke. Because of various health reasons, she wanted to start drinking more water and living a healthier lifestyle. One thing led to another, and Hint water was born.

Together with her husband, the Hint brand was built from scratch and has since grown to include other products, such as sunscreen. All of this, while raising four children. She is truly a badass.

I believe Kara Goldin’s intention in writing this book was to help people find the courage to move forward and upward in their lives, and I believe she has done that for me.

It’s time for a change in perspective and action…who’s with me?

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