This Is Chrissy Metz

It isn’t an everyday occurrence that we have the opportunity to learn some essential life lessons from a famous actor or actress. But let me tell you about what I have learned from Chrissy Metz. 

In her book “This Is Me,” not only do we get a glimpse into Chrissy’s life, as she makes us laugh and makes us cry, but she also makes us THINK.

This is not your typical autobiography; it is also very much self-help/improvement. Throughout the book, we are treated to some Bee Mindful moments that can help us on our journey of life. 

Who doesn’t need a little help sometimes?

But more about Chrissy first. I was struck by how her relationship with her biological father is just heartbreaking. Maybe I can relate? Anyway, when her parents divorced, her dad became the absent parent, and her mom struggled to raise Chrissy and her siblings. As time went on, her dad had a relationship with his only son and other daughter but didn’t want anything to do with Chrissy. Seeing a parent in that light can be devastating. But then her mother started a new relationship with a man who would physically and verbally abuse Chrissy for many years. Much of the abuse stemmed from Chrissy’s weight, making matters worse. 

Outside of her home life, she had some good friends with good families that helped show her love. But life was not easy for her, and it reminded me that everyone is looking for the same thing: love and acceptance. 

When Chrissy decided to get into acting, she made the incredible journey from Florida to California. At a young age, she took a leap of faith. When things didn’t go as planned, she became an agent. Then, after many years as an agent, something clicked, and her acting career took off. (Check out “This Is Us,” if you haven’t already.)

One of the lessons that echo throughout the book is to make deposits in our self-confidence bank. This is something that I have struggled with throughout life. I need this reminder almost daily. 

Another important lesson is to always be grateful. How often do we remember to be grateful for the ability to see or hear? Something to think about…

Many of us also need to learn how to speak up for ourselves. We are quick to defend those we care about but don’t advocate for what we want or need. It is OK to speak up when something is not working for you. Be willing to put yourself first because you don’t have to suffer from trying to make someone else happy. Make a vow to yourself to communicate your wants and needs. Most importantly, always come from a place of love.

I am so grateful for the gift of this book (Thank you!). Chrissy Metz is hilarious and amazingly smart about life and growth, not to mention an all-around badass. I know I will refer to the Bee Mindful lessons often as I grow on my journey. 

Thanks for checking out the blog today!

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