The Hollow Bone of Healing

When I began my healing journey, I found myself asking the question “Is self-healing possible?”

Phoenix Rising Star’s book “The Hollow Bone of Healing” is another step forward in my endless research on how to practice self-healing with specific techniques. 

Release The Old Story 

In any healing process, we will need to release the story we have been telling ourselves that created the need for healing in the first place. Creating a new story with new patterns of behavior will get the self-healing process started. Therefore, the techniques presented in “The Hollow Bone of Healing“ should be used on a daily basis and become a way of living, in order to continue to raise our consciousness.

Sensing Energy 

One of the main points of being a self healer is to use our intuition and be able to sense energy. Sensing energy can come in the form of a warning or can even be uplifting. The important thing is that we need to know how to sense and interpret these signs from the universe. Phoenix says that without this understanding, we may wander aimlessly without understanding why we are feeling the things we feel.

Unconditional Love 

In the words of Phoenix Rising Star, everything starts with love, and being a self healer is no different. When we speak and act from a place of love, we have the ability to touch a far greater number of people. Furthermore, when we create anything from love, our creations will turn out to be for the highest good and healing for everyone involved. Most importantly, we must focus on unconditional love that doesn’t judge or have conditions attached to it. It is freely available no matter what.


We all have a sacred geometry energy field, although it may not be active. This is any form or shape that opens our hearts to more unconditional love. This energy field is another step in moving our consciousness to a higher level. We can reconnect with the basic shapes and information systems in Metatron’s Cube (the building blocks of the universe). This is the start of creation and manifestation. 

Meditation Practices 

At the end of each section, Phoenix provides some meditation practices to help build each technique. For example, the first meditation practice helps us focus on our senses so that we can better sense energy. An important thing to remember is to set our intention from the beginning. 

The meditation practices focusing on unconditional love have been a key turning point in my learning and healing journey. I think all too often, many of us forget the power of love to heal all things and create all things.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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