The Synergy Health Solution

If you have been following my journey for a while, you know I have been searching for different healing modalities. One of the things that my sister has mentioned to me is chiropractic. While I was aware of chiropractic for neck pain and other forms of pain, I had not considered it as part of total body healing and function. 

In his book “The Synergy Health Solution,” Dr. Eric Janowitz set me straight on the major principles of chiropractic physicians. Not only that, he has provided actionable steps for improving overall health. 

Chiropractic Medicine 

“The Synergy Health Solution” was written through the lens of a chiropractor, so here’s a little background on that first. 

What is chiropractic medicine based on?

First, chiropractic medicine involves a deep appreciation of the nervous system as the master controller of our body. Second, we have an innate intelligence flowing through our bodies that allows for function and true healing. Third, the key is to remove interference from the nervous system that is preventing our intelligence from healing. 

That third principle is what I am here for. 

Synergy Health 

The term synergy health is related to the use of multiple therapeutic healing treatments. Our potential to have success with health synergy is going to be related to: 

  1. Our perception of personal power (self-confidence)
  2. Our purpose (ultimate vision or inspiring goals)
  3. The people we view as role models, mentors, teachers, or the people we serve (our team)
  4. The processes or actions we take for our health and the standards we choose to execute those actions

The first two principles have a lot to do with inner work. I have been working on my inner world for a few years and I can assure anyone out there that nothing changes until you do. 

Dr. Janowitz explains that principles three and four are the outer expression of our inner work. Interactions with people and processes are where things get done. 

I’ve never viewed my health as something that needs a team effort. But now that Dr. Janowitz has pointed out the different reasons for a team, I am ready to start building. I am also working on raising my standards when it comes to my health and the actions I take to improve it. 

My main takeaway is that our health journey is like a cycle. When you know better, you do better (and better and better). Our purpose becomes bigger as our self-confidence increases, and so on. 

If you are on a self-healing journey, let’s connect! Leave a comment below!

I hope this book of the week review has provided some value to you. As always, thanks for reading!

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