The Divine Matrix

I have always wondered about our place and purpose on this earth and why certain people seem to be able to make things happen with more ease than others. 

I have also heard the term “we are all connected” more times than I can count. But what does that mean?

What Gregg Braden has done in “The Divine Matrix” is answered these questions for me, and he has done so by including scientific experiments as well as real-life experiences.

Gregg divided the book into three parts. Here are a few things I learned from each of them:

The Divine Matrix Exists 

Gregg Braden defines The Divine Matrix as:

  1. The container that holds the universe 
  2. The bridge between all things 
  3. The mirror that shows us what we have created 

We are all connected through waves and particles of energy that seem to break the laws of time and space as we have known them.

Several scientific experiments have shown that the atoms of everything in nature and the DNA of our bodies seem to share information faster than the speed of light. But what is important is how this information is shared. 

There is a field of energy that connects everything. We are all connected to each other, the world, and the entire universe.

The scientific experiments presented in the book are too long to explain here, but please check them out for yourself. The evidence can’t be denied. 

How The Divine Matrix Works 

We can communicate with The Divine Matrix through our feelings, emotions, prayers, and beliefs from moment to moment. I love the computer analogy to explain how this works. Our feelings, emotions, prayers, and beliefs are like the applications that are uploaded to the operating system (consciousness) and tell the hardware (The Divine Matrix) what to do. 

But don’t let this oversimplification fool you. There is much work to be done to properly communicate with The Divine Matrix and alter your reality. 

I think we are participants in what we experience rather than mere observers. It’s all about what we focus on.

We Receive Messages From The Divine Matrix 

Gregg Braden explains that what we believe is often reflected back to us through our relationships. 

He calls these reflections “mirrors,“ and there are five types:

  1. Reflections of the moment
  2. Reflections of what we judge in the moment
  3. Reflections of what we’ve lost, given away, or had taken from us
  4. Reflections of our Dark Night of the Soul
  5. Reflections of our greatest act of compassion

These mirrors are subtle, or not so subtle, messages from The Divine Matrix showing us what needs healing. 

The things that need healing come from one of the three universal (meaning everyone experiences it) fears. 

One fear would be the fear of separation and abandonment, which most of us can relate to if we ever feel that we are alone. 

Another universal fear is low self-worth. This is the feeling of never being good enough (even though we all are always enough). Sometimes the imaginary values we place on ourselves can keep us from pursuing our dreams, hopes, and aspirations of achieving greater things in life. 

The third type of universal fear is surrendering and trust. Gregg explains that our sense of safety must come from the security we feel inside. We need to trust and have faith in the intelligence of the universe.

This is a lot of information that will probably need some further self-study. But I’m so glad I finally read this book and started my journey to healing. 

I would love to hear what others think about the existence of The Divine Matrix. Leave a comment below!

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