How To Talk To Anyone

As an introvert, I have always struggled with starting conversations and maintaining that good “back and forth” that most conversationalists handle with ease.

But since reading Leil Lowndes’ book “How To Talk To Anyone,” I feel like I’ve picked up some valuable tips.

Here are a few highlights from the 92 techniques offered in the book:

Be Curious About People

One of the most important tips for talking to anyone is to be eager to learn something about the person you’re talking to.

Expressing an interest can be done in a number of ways:

Technique #1: When meeting someone, imagine they are an old friend (an old customer, an old beloved, or someone else you had great affection for). This creates a positive reaction in your body.

Technique #2: While you’re talking, keep an eye on how your listener is reacting to what you’re saying. Then plan your next moves accordingly.

Technique #3: Keep your ears open and listen for clues about topics to ask about later. You may find what’s really important to the person you’re talking to.

Technique #4: Shine the spotlight away from yourself. As Leil Lowndes points out, the longer you keep it shining away from you, the more interesting someone will find you.

Be Relatable

Sometimes it won’t be enough just to express an interest in someone else. You may find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to be able to find some common ground with another person.

Here are some things you can try:

Technique #1: Have an empathetic mood to match your listener and point out your similarities.

Technique #2: Accentuate any positives when first meeting someone.

Technique #3: Keep your finger on the pulse of current events. You don’t want to be stuck asking what everyone is talking about.

Technique #4: If someone asks you what you do for a living, personalize your response based on what possible interest the asker could have in you or your work.

You’ll be prepared for your next social gathering by starting with the above eight techniques.

Have you already read the book? Leave a comment below. 

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2 thoughts on “How To Talk To Anyone

  1. I can totally relate to not knowing how to carry in a conversation. Small talk, initiating and maintaining a conversation is something I need to work on. This book sounds like what I need. Love the techniques you shares, they make a lot of sense. Great review. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yea it’s definitely helpful, especially if you consider yourself an introvert, like me. I’m glad you found it useful, Let me know if you check out the book. thank you for your feedback!


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