Here’s How To Think Bigger

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you are not meant to go through life being small!

We are meant to achieve our biggest dreams and help those around us. 

“How To Think Bigger” is a great tool to get started on your journey. 

As Martin Meadows puts it, this book is about understanding how to get yourself excited enough to raise your standards constantly.

Do You Want To Think Bigger?

Martin brought up a great point in the book: being ambitious is not as simple as genes and upbringing. 

Being ambitious about finding fulfillment in life comes more from your inner circle than your upbringing. 

Adapting new behaviors can be done through observation in a social context. We learn by watching others. 

Think about how many times your friends have influenced the way you dress, the foods you eat, or the places you visit. 

The influence of those around you even impacts how ambitious you are. 

Martin also says that when we observe people that seem similar to us, it will improve the strength of our belief in our abilities. 

And the good news is that we have a choice about what and who we allow in our lives.

There are several ways that you can choose to help you think bigger:

  1. Replace watching the news with reading books
  2. Be around successful people
  3. Talk to successful people through social media, blogs, message boards, etc
  4. Distance yourself from negativity and discouragement

Find Your Why

Humans all have basic needs like air, shelter, food, and water.

But Martin Meadows says that two human needs can stop us from thinking bigger:

  1. A sense of belongingness
  2. A sense of esteem

Low self-esteem and a feeling of loneliness can cause self-sabotage and will definitely keep you from being more ambitious.

Like Martin, I have been there.

On the flip side, meeting these needs can help you develop a deep internal drive and passion for accomplishing big achievements. Having an internal drive is necessary to create a vision that will direct your actions. 

Having a vision becomes your ”why.”

Here, we are reminded that our “why“ is not about the money, though.

There has to be a deeper reason for what you’re doing.

Your “why“ could even be a “who.“ A desire to help others can help you strive to achieve even bigger goals.

In short, a solid internal motivation is crucial to “How To Think Bigger” and achieving your desires.

Achieving What Some May Think Is Impossible

When you start to think bigger, there will inevitably be those who impose their limiting beliefs on your dreams. 

Don’t let that stop you!

Martin reminds us that nothing is impossible for a person who refuses to listen to reason.

Build your self-efficacy by: 

  1. Achieving small goals and persevering over obstacles
  2. Surrounding yourself with people who are also striving to grow consistently
  3. Learning how to overcome your limiting beliefs 

Another great tip for achieving the impossible is to give yourself a deadline. Having a deadline will not only help you avoid procrastination, but it will also help you think more creatively. 

Final Thoughts

Being ambitious and thinking bigger are great attributes, but we want to be careful about putting too much pressure on ourselves. 

Martin provides excellent tips for finding the right balance between achievement and recharging.

For example, spending time in nature can help with recovering from stress. It’s always good to find time to take your mind off of work.

You’re overall well-being, happiness, and sense of fulfillment are what’s important, so be sure to pay attention to your personal life no matter what you hope to achieve. 

I hope this has added value to your life! Thank you for reading!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of books through this site. 

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