Book Of The Week: The Emotion Code

For the past few years, I have had this nagging feeling that there is some emotion (or emotions) trapped in my body that I can’t let go of. 

I keep trying to do the work, but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. 

Has anyone else ever had that feeling?

Well, my feelings have been confirmed through Dr. Bradley Nelson‘s book “The Emotion Code.“

Dr. Nelson created the healing method known as “The Emotion Code” in the 1990s. Since then, he has taught the technique to countless people and helped thousands discover their own healing abilities.

It is through releasing our emotional baggage that we can develop into the best version of ourselves and help others do the same.

Emotions Are Energy 

Dr. Nelson reminds us that everything in the universe is made of energy. This is even true for our emotions.

Every emotion that we can experience has its own unique vibrational frequency. We are affected by our emotions since our bodies are also made of energy and have their own vibrational frequency.

Energies affect other energies.

Building from this concept of energy, if we experience an emotion but have an interruption in feeling that emotion or letting that emotion go, the energy from that emotion can become trapped in the body.

There are many reasons why emotions may not be processed completely. For example, if an experience creates an overwhelming emotion, it is more likely to become trapped.

Once we realize that emotional energies can become trapped in the body, we can see how these emotions will cause surrounding tissues to vibrate at the same frequency, known as resonance. 

Dealing With Trapped Emotions 

Trapped emotions can be destructive to surrounding organs. This is one of the reasons why ancient physicians observed that if a particular emotion dominated a person’s life, that person would likely have a corresponding physical ailment.

Some physical ailments and their related emotions are:

  1. Kidney and bladder problems related to fear
  2. Lung or colon issues related to excess grief
  3. Liver or gallbladder trouble related to holding onto a lot of anger

Even though there is a biochemical element to the emotions that we feel, there is also an energetic component to our emotions.

There is a correlation between the emotions that we experience and different organs in the body.

Emotions do not come exclusively from the brain.

It’s important to remember that trapped emotions distort and block the flow of the human energy field in our bodies. (Page 72)

When dealing with trapped emotions, Dr. Nelson says that the words we use to describe emotions are less important than the vibrations of those emotions.

The first step is identifying the specific vibration of the trapped emotional energy. “The Emotion Code” chart is the primary tool for identifying trapped emotions by asking the subconscious mind specific questions. 

Then, we focus on our thoughts and intentions. Just like our emotions are energy, our thoughts are made of energy as well. 

Our thought-energy knows no limitations and is not confined to a certain location. As Dr. Nelson puts it, we are all constantly broadcasting the energy of our thoughts, and that energy touches those around us.

Dr. Nelson also points out that a fundamental law of physics states that whenever electrical activity is generated, a corresponding magnetic field will always occur. (Page 95) 

The magnetic field provides a way to release trapped emotions. 

Final Thoughts 

One of the most important things that Dr. Nelson said in his book is that all you have to do is believe that you can do it and be grateful to God that you are doing it. Energy is intelligent, and it can obey or cooperate with your intention. 

It’s a fantastic feeling to have a hunch validated in a least expected way. “The Emotion Code” has brought me so much clarity, and I’m grateful to the person who recommended that I read it. 

I hope this blog does the same for someone out there!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases of books through this site. 

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