Book Of The Week: Healing Ancestral Karma

How often do you think about your ancestors?

If it isn’t very often, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Many of us have forgotten our ancestors and are more focused on ourselves as individuals.

While there’s nothing wrong with being an individual, it’s important to remember our inherited characteristics and how they affect our lives.

I recently read Dr. Steven Farmer’s book “Healing Ancestral Karma.” I learned how to get acquainted with my ancestors and even started to heal some of the karma passed down from generation to generation.

Through his book, I have seen how beneficial it can be to consciously acknowledge and honor those who have come before me. 

Do You Know Your Ancestors?

I agree with Dr. Farmer when he says that in much of the Western culture, we tend to focus on the present and future rather than considering the impact of our ancestors. 

Therefore, many of us don’t even know our ancestors.

There are three types of ancestors:

  1. Biological – Our genetic connection is most strongly related to our relatives of the previous three generations. These most immediate ancestors will pass along physical characteristics and positive life traits along with unhealthy and dysfunctional characteristics. 
  2. Territorial – Ancestors that inhabit a particular geographical area may show up as guardian spirits of a territory that their people once inhabited. It’s believed that territorial ancestors take the form of physical beings, such as oak trees.
  3. Spiritual – If you feel drawn to a different culture or land other than your own, it could be a spiritual ancestor trying to provide guidance to you. 

Our ancestors need our acknowledgment, validation, understanding, and forgiveness. By giving these things to our ancestors, they will become a natural part of our lives and will seek to help us in as many ways as possible. They can provide spiritual guidance, learning lessons, and even healing.

How To Connect With Your Ancestors 

Despite their lack of a physical body, we can still connect with our ancestors as they continue to influence those who are living.

We can connect and receive messages from our ancestors through the following channels:

  1. Visual – If you are a visual person, ancestors may appear to you in holographic form, but you may also get impressions in your mind’s eye.
  2. Auditory – Spiritual messages may come to you through your inner voice or sounds in your environment. A good example is hearing someone talking about a particular country after you had been thinking about that country earlier in the day.
  3. Kinesthetic – Observing spiritual information kinesthetically would mean being aware of sensations in your body and any corresponding emotions. A great indication that an ancestor is present is suddenly smelling an aroma that has no apparent source but triggers specific images.
  4. Cognitive – Knowing something without knowing why you know is a way of perceiving spiritual messages if you are more of an analytical person. This could come in the form of a creative solution to a problem that you have been facing, especially if the message is received during meditation.

There is no right or wrong channel to use as long as you use the best one for you. Once you figure out what works best for you, the most important thing is to pay attention. 

Healing Family Patterns 

Dr. Farmer says that healing with our ancestors can heal on two levels:

  1. We can heal karma from previous generations.
  2. Healing can benefit us in the present moment as well as our future generations.

Starting with building a family altar and family tree, Dr. Farmer lays out some specific modalities and techniques to work with ancestors for reciprocal healing. 

For example, ancestors may have carried their wounds into the afterlife, which may affect their descendants karmically. In other words, current and future generations can carry the effects of unhealed trauma from previous generations.

But now that we have more healing modalities available to us, we only need to recognize the symptoms, and we can heal. 

By healing past wounds, more of our authentic selves will emerge.  

Final Thoughts 

“Healing Ancestral Karma” isn’t just a book full of knowledge; there are practical applications to progress through healing. 

For example, you can have a tree therapy session where you express all of your emotions to the trunk of a tree and listen intently for any answers that you receive and then journal your experience. It’s also important to offer a prayer of gratitude to the tree.

This exercise, along with many others, has been fascinating for me to try out in the past few weeks.

I have been looking forward to sharing this book with you since I read it. I hope you find some value in it!

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