Book Of The Week: Meet Your Guides

Have you ever felt like you needed help? 

And I’m not talking about psychological or physical help. I’m talking about the support needed to navigate this human existence.

I’ve heard stories about people who have been guided through life by some mysterious presence, and I’ve always been curious to know more. 

I guess I’m finally ready for the knowledge I have been seeking because I came across Deborah Sudarsky, M. Ed’s book “Meet Your Guides.” In the book, she shares a wealth of knowledge about embracing our Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters. 

Here’re some highlights:

The 12 Universal Laws

There are universal laws that affect each of us and can help us navigate this life more effectively. As Deborah Sudarsky says, the Universe is not random, and there are systems in place.

Here are a few of the laws to get you started on the path to better understanding and manifestation:

  1. The Law of Oneness – Everything is connected. We are all connected and one with the Universe, so anything that happens to you is not an isolated event. You are not alone because what affects you affects everyone and everything.
  2. The Law of Inspired Action – When we become very quiet and listen to our inner inspiration, we can take actions toward our desired results in areas that we feel inspired. What’s important with this law is that we hear the internal guidance before we take the next steps.
  3. The Law of Correspondence – Our current reality is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. If there is a situation that you are not happy with, this law states that you should look within yourself to find out what you really want. Sometimes core beliefs will contradict what you’re trying to manifest.

Focused Meditations

Throughout the book, there are meditation practices that focus on different aspects of meeting our guides. 

For example, the Akashic Record meditation can help provide insight into life purpose(s), lessons, and why we’re here at this particular time.

Akashic Records are a collection of all universal events that have occurred in the past, present, and future of all entities.

In the Akashic Record meditation, you’ll ask for Archangel protection as you gain access to the records and gain clarity about karmic lessons and life purpose. You’ll also make a spiritual request for the guidance of any special guide that has your best interest at heart. 

There is also the Clearing meditation. 

As with the Akashic Records meditation, it’s important to start by requesting the guidance and protection of Archangels or Ascended Masters. In this meditation, you’ll ask to clear any energies that are not aligned with you. You are basically sending out any energy that is not yours and not of the highest vibration. Begin at the root chakra and work your way up through the rest of your chakras. The main idea of this medication is to clear out any energy that no longer serves you.

Final Thoughts 

Deborah Sudarsky says that our purpose in life is to advance spiritually and master the lessons we have set out for ourselves. We are never really alone since we can connect with not only our Guardian Angel but other spirit guides as well. Our angels and guides are part of our energetic field, and just by acknowledging them, they will become more visible and audible to us. She says that it is important to acknowledge them each day and confirm the connection for the highest possible guidance. 

I don’t know about you, but my main focus is to stay on the right path in life without getting lost in trivial matters. 

I think with so many of us feeling lost, maybe we need to acknowledge our guides more and receive guidance with our everyday actions.

Let me know if this resonated with you by commenting below. Thanks for reading! 

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