Book Of The Week: On Writing Well

Many people think of writing as an art. But to write well, William Zinsser says that writing should be considered a craft. Whichever opinion you agree with, here are a few tips on improving your writing.



If you want to be a better writer, the first principle is that you need to stick to a daily schedule. William Zinsser says that writing is a craft that must be practiced.

There’s no getting around practicing.

Make it your job to write daily, and you will learn to do it, just like any other job.

Keep It Simple

Don’t let unnecessary words plague your writing.

This is the principle that I have found most helpful in my writing. Taking the direct approach will get the point across more quickly and concisely.

Make things easy on your reader by saying exactly what you mean.


Unity Of Pronoun

Decide if you will write in the first, second, or third person. Then, use that as an anchor throughout your piece. William says that this unity helps create order in your reader’s mind. 

Unity Of Tense

If you are going to write in the present tense, stay in the present tense.

But if you decide to write in the past tense, keep it consistent throughout your writing.


Find Your Voice

Whatever you write, you want your reader to know they are hearing from the same person. The subject matter may vary widely, but your perspective is unique, and so is your voice. 

It is important to work on developing your voice so readers will recognize it and enjoy it.


As a writer, everything comes down to decisions. The decision about your subject, what to include, and what to throw out will help you organize your ideas and keep your readers interested.

One of the most important decisions you will make as a writer is how to begin. The beginning of any project will be how you draw in your reader.
Creating a compelling title will give readers a reason to click on your article. Although this can be a tough decision, it’ll get easier with practice.

Final Thoughts

Since reading “On Writing Well,” I have noticed how much my writing can improve. William Zinsser offers plenty of guidance on progressing as a writer. And I think progress is the most important point in writing and life. 

Thanks for checking out the blog this week!

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