Book Of The Week: Ten Truths: A Profound Realization of Life


It’s always refreshing to read a book written by an author who is transparent about their vulnerabilities and struggles in life. Not only does it make the book more relatable, but I find more value in the nuggets of wisdom presented by the author. 

“Ten Truths: A Profound Realization of Life,”  written by Steven Considine is one of those books full of wisdom in its simplest form. There are 10 truths about life and love presented in the book (among many other truths, such as the truth of sickness).

Here are a few truths from the book that I thought were great reminders about life:

  1. Function determines our body’s condition and feelings determine our state of mind. Steven reminds us that our physical state is judged on the effectiveness of taking in raw materials and converting them into energy. The body’s condition is determined by its ability to fulfill that function. In contrast, our thoughts can be viewed as energy patterns, and when we experience those patterns in the mind, we call them feelings. Emotions come from what we think about our experiences. The things that create our feelings, determine our state of mind. 
  2. What we think is a reflection of what we believe. Each thought that we have comes from an idea that is a strongly held conviction we believe to be true. The truth is, we feel certain ways because we believe we should. And what we believe determines how we feel. Also, remember all beliefs are a choice. 
  3. The things we see in the world, we see in ourselves first. Steven makes an interesting point about what we see outside ourselves. He says that our outside world reflects what is within us. It’s all about perception and how we perceive the world is how we perceive ourselves. Our perception helps shape the meaning we give to the world and ourselves. For example, how we define our conditions is a statement of who we are, not necessarily the truth. We tend to acknowledge the circumstances we are in and then decide what those circumstances mean to us and about us. This leads to how we feel and how we decide to act on those feelings.

Final Thoughts 

It’s amazing how much our mind shapes the meaning of the world rather than what is truly there. Our core beliefs are so strong that they can literally change our lives. Steven Considine has reminded us that everything starts in the mind.

As the saying goes: Change your mind, change your life. 

I hope this serves as a unique reminder to someone out there as it did for me. 

Let me know if you check out the book. 

Thanks for being here and continuing to read this blog!

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