Book Of The Week: Be You

How many of you feel like you are living your life completely authentic? 

What I mean by that is, do you speak up for yourself, are proud of yourself when you do a good job, and do things for the love of doing it? How often do you do these things regardless of what others think or the outcome?

In “Be You: The Journey Of Self-Realization,” Chris Cirak says that you catch a glimpse of the person you’re meant to be in the moments that you don’t see your so-called flaws but instead a person you’re amazed to be. The moments when you are being authentic and true to yourself, you’ll feel that who you are is meant to be and nothing about you is a mistake.

How can we get to the point where we love life because we love being ourselves? 

What Gets In Your Way? 

Chris Cirak is very blunt when he says that the way we see ourselves is what gets in the way of our perfection. We are already perfect.

Read that again. 

I’m not letting this go to my head or anything, but I can see what Chris means in how our perspective can derail us and make us forget our true qualities. 

He mentions how we can see our true selves when something resonates deeply within us. I experience this whenever I’m in a recording studio; there’s something in me that says, “This is where I belong.“

But it’s my perspective of my physical abilities that keeps me from pursuing that life.

Can anyone relate?

The Journey Is Real 

The old cliché rings true here: life is a journey, not a destination.

Chris says that the journey to becoming your authentic self is not about becoming someone you are not but about becoming more of who you already are. You can’t become someone else by denying who you are at this moment.

Find yourself by being who you are. 

If you think about it, every decision you make is either bringing you closer to who you are or going against it. When things in life get complicated or difficult, do you notice that you are not listening to your inner voice? Chris even reminds us that our inner voice knows without any hesitation what’s right for us.

It seems to be so much more simple to get clear about my purpose when I’m making choices that align with my true self. 

It’s crazy how that works. 

All we have to do is listen.

Final Thoughts 

I love the reminder that Chris gives us that our head is where we have knowledge, but it isn’t our source of wisdom. It isn’t logic and rationale that lead us to our divine path; it is our inner voice that resides in our bodies.

He also reminds us that being aware of our thoughts can make it so that we don’t have to believe them. Identifying with our thoughts is what gives them power over us. 

There are so many ways that being in your head can affect your perspective. For example, when you’re in your headspace, you tend to see yourself as separate from those around you. The truth is we are all connected. 

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I hope you check out this book and that it helps you as much as it has helped me. 

Thanks for reading today! 

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