Book Of The Week: Soundtrack Your Story

The book I want to share with you all today builds on last week’s idea of living authentically. 

In “Soundtrack Your Story,” A.B. North has given us some great tools to start (or grow) a writing practice for personal growth. 

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As someone who is striving to grow and live more authentically, I’ve found a lot of value in this book through the P-O-P method, writing prompts, and music. 

The P-O-P Method 

Over the past year, I’ve found journaling difficult to stay consistent with. But I enjoy the challenge of finding different ways of expressing myself. I think creative expression is a great way to discover who we are and live our lives based on that truth.

The P-O-P Method mentioned in “Soundtrack Your Story,” is a great way to build structure in any type of writing practice.

For the first three days, you’ll focus on defining a goal and finding what sparks your creativity. Through the use of the provided writing and music prompts in the book, you’ll be able to experiment with different goals and ways of being creative.

From there, you might run into some obstacles that you’ll need to overcome. One of the obstacles that I have been working on, is developing a mindset to write without judgment. I have to remember to encourage myself about the self-exploration that is coming through my writing.

Self-criticism is real. 

Lastly, once you’ve evaluated your obstacles, it’ll be important to continue to practice and persist. If you’re good with commitment, this is where you’ll shine. If not (*hello*), constant practice is going to be the most important aspect of building a good writing habit. 

I’m about halfway through my goal of writing consistently for 30 days. Reflecting on my writing instead of finding flaws in it has been eye-opening.

Discover More About Who You Are 

One of the best ways I can think of to understand ourselves better and continue to grow is through writing. Our thoughts and perspectives are constantly changing as we have new experiences. Through writing, you can get really honest with yourself and then look back to see how you’ve dealt with difficult emotions or uncomfortable truths. It won’t always be an easy process, but the growth will bring you closer to who you truly are.

As an added bonus, if you’re writing for an audience, revisiting things like journal entries can help you create inspiring stories that could resonate with and help others.

Heal yourself, heal others.

Final Thoughts 

I really enjoyed the songs associated with the writing prompts in “Soundtrack Your Story.” Listening to the full song before working through the 4-5 questions in each writing prompt puts you in the proper emotional state to get your creativity going. 

If you want to take it a step further, you could practice editing your work. Revising for clarity and deleting unnecessary words is a great skill for any writer. Editing could deepen your reflection about what you’re writing, which could create even deeper personal growth or healing.

As always, I hope this has helped you in your journey through life…or at least provided some entertainment for you. 

Be well, and thanks for reading! 

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