Book Of The Week: The Body Keeps The Score 

Discussing trauma can be a very difficult subject for some, so if you think this subject may trigger you, please skip this blog.  “The Body Keeps The Score” is an exploration of trauma and healing. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. explains that trauma is unbearable and affects those who are directly exposed to it asContinue reading “Book Of The Week: The Body Keeps The Score “

Book Of The Week: Purpose

One of our needs as humans is the need to matter. Having a purpose that matters gives us hope for the future. Without hope, we don’t have much of anything. If you’re struggling to find your purpose in life, Gina Bianchini has a great perspective in her book, “Purpose.“ She explains why finding your purposeContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Purpose”

Book Of The Week: Near Death Lessons

Do you need a reason to keep going?  Let me introduce you to Chris Jankulovski.  Although I don’t know Chris personally, his book “Near Death Lessons” has lit a fire under me to keep going in the face of adversity and to thrive in life. At 19, Chris Jankulovski was diagnosed with a hereditary conditionContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Near Death Lessons”

Book Of The Week: Do The Hard Things First

If you struggle with procrastination, I’ve got an excellent book for you. Scott Allan is a self-proclaimed lifelong procrastinator. He says that he even put off writing “Do The Hard Things First“ for months. In the book, there are 22 actionable steps to overcome procrastination. Scott calls it procrastination recovery. While I would love toContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Do The Hard Things First”

Book Of The Week: This Is How We Do It

Remember way back on January 1st when you were getting started with your New Year’s resolutions? You know, the one where you were going to hit the gym every day or build that new business? How’s that going? I’ve been struggling with my goals this year and it’s only February. I never would’ve guessed IContinue reading “Book Of The Week: This Is How We Do It”

Book Of The Week: Advice Not Given

We all want to do and be better, but we don’t always know how to get there. Mark Epstein, M.D. is a psychiatrist with Buddhist teachings. His insight perfectly intertwines Buddhism and psychotherapy. Among several books that he has written, “Advice Not Given: A Guide To Getting Over Yourself” discusses some of the advice thatContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Advice Not Given”

Book Of The Week: Ten Truths: A Profound Realization of Life

  It’s always refreshing to read a book written by an author who is transparent about their vulnerabilities and struggles in life. Not only does it make the book more relatable, but I find more value in the nuggets of wisdom presented by the author.  “Ten Truths: A Profound Realization of Life,”  written by StevenContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Ten Truths: A Profound Realization of Life”

The Top 5 Books I Read In 2022

This is my first year-end review and it wasn’t easy to choose among 80+ books. Every book that I read has at least a few nuggets of wisdom. I view books as a way of looking through the lens of the author and experiencing life from their perspective. That’s why I feel I’ve never readContinue reading “The Top 5 Books I Read In 2022”

Book Of The Week: The Ideation Equation

When was the last time you came up with a brilliant idea, seemingly out of nowhere? If you’re an ambitious, creative thinker, like me, you would love to be able to do this consistently. What if I told you there is a way to strategically come up with new and exciting ideas, would you putContinue reading “Book Of The Week: The Ideation Equation”

Book Of The Week: On Writing Well

Many people think of writing as an art. But to write well, William Zinsser says that writing should be considered a craft. Whichever opinion you agree with, here are a few tips on improving your writing. Principles Practice If you want to be a better writer, the first principle is that you need to stickContinue reading “Book Of The Week: On Writing Well”