4 Basic Steps for Creative Visualization

Shakti Gawain’s classic book “Creative Visualization” is one of the best books for achieving goals. It is clear that whatever we envision and focus on has the potential to take physical form.  But if you’re anything like me, it can be tough to understand how to bring thoughts to life.  Here are some basics toContinue reading “4 Basic Steps for Creative Visualization”

Metaphysical Meditations

If you are interested in strengthening your spiritual practice, this may be the book for you. In “Metaphysical Meditations,” Paramahansa Yogananda provides us with hundreds of prayers, meditations, and affirmations. This book can be helpful to those of all faiths.  In the opening pages, there is a prayer that we all come to the understandingContinue reading “Metaphysical Meditations”