Book Of The Week: Think Less; Do More

Over the years, I’ve learned so much from the hundreds of books I’ve read. But as they say, nothing changes if nothing changes. I believe knowledge is (potential) power, but action is real power. We have to take action if we want to see anything change in our lives or accomplish anything that we desire.Continue reading “Book Of The Week: Think Less; Do More”

Book Of The Week: The 12 Stages of Healing

Every now and then, I re-read books that’ve had a strong impact on me. Recently, I rediscovered “The 12 Stages of Healing” by Donald M. Epstein. One of the reasons this book had such a strong impression on me was the reminder that we need to reunite with aspects of ourselves that have been alienated,Continue reading “Book Of The Week: The 12 Stages of Healing”

Book Of The Week: Soundtrack Your Story

The book I want to share with you all today builds on last week’s idea of living authentically.  In “Soundtrack Your Story,” A.B. North has given us some great tools to start (or grow) a writing practice for personal growth.  Click image  As someone who is striving to grow and live more authentically, I’ve foundContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Soundtrack Your Story”

Book Of The Week: Be You

How many of you feel like you are living your life completely authentic?  What I mean by that is, do you speak up for yourself, are proud of yourself when you do a good job, and do things for the love of doing it? How often do you do these things regardless of what othersContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Be You”

Book Of The Week: Choose Better

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled and stuck in your current situation? Do you want to make positive changes in your life but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our Book of the Week: “Choose Better,” written by Timothy Yen, Psy.D. This inspiring read offers practical advice and thought-provoking insights on howContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Choose Better”

Book Of The Week: Detox Your Thoughts

Let’s call BS on all the positive thinking hype these days.  Can we really stop negative thoughts and manifest what we want by only thinking positively? Do most of us need to fix our flaws? One of the reasons why I love Dr. Andrea Bonior’s book “Detox Your Thoughts,” is because she gently reminds usContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Detox Your Thoughts”

Book Of The Week: The Body Keeps The Score 

Discussing trauma can be a very difficult subject for some, so if you think this subject may trigger you, please skip this blog.  “The Body Keeps The Score” is an exploration of trauma and healing. Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. explains that trauma is unbearable and affects those who are directly exposed to it asContinue reading “Book Of The Week: The Body Keeps The Score “

Book Of The Week: Purpose

One of our needs as humans is the need to matter. Having a purpose that matters gives us hope for the future. Without hope, we don’t have much of anything. If you’re struggling to find your purpose in life, Gina Bianchini has a great perspective in her book, “Purpose.“ She explains why finding your purposeContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Purpose”

Book Of The Week: Near Death Lessons

Do you need a reason to keep going?  Let me introduce you to Chris Jankulovski.  Although I don’t know Chris personally, his book “Near Death Lessons” has lit a fire under me to keep going in the face of adversity and to thrive in life. At 19, Chris Jankulovski was diagnosed with a hereditary conditionContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Near Death Lessons”

Book Of The Week: Do The Hard Things First

If you struggle with procrastination, I’ve got an excellent book for you. Scott Allan is a self-proclaimed lifelong procrastinator. He says that he even put off writing “Do The Hard Things First“ for months. In the book, there are 22 actionable steps to overcome procrastination. Scott calls it procrastination recovery. While I would love toContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Do The Hard Things First”