The Psychology Of Money

  Money is not a perfect science.  Much of what we believe about money has been conditioned from a very early age. As Morgan Housel explains in “The Psychology Of Money,” much of our financial success depends on how our emotions and beliefs impact our choices. Here are a few key points that I hopeContinue reading “The Psychology Of Money”

Eat That Frog!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog!” is about managing time and being more productive by eating the biggest and ugliest frog first.  While there will never be enough time to accomplish everything, Brian Tracy says we need to be selective and choose the most important task at any givenContinue reading “Eat That Frog!”

How To Unlock Your Why

Have you ever heard the saying that our relationship with money is emotional? For many of us, that statement is true, and it is precisely what Heather Burgette attempts to help us unlock in “Unlock Your Why.” This book is all about having a thriving relationship with money so we can feel hopeful and moreContinue reading “How To Unlock Your Why”

Being In Balance

If you are anything like me, finding balance between what is desired and how we conduct our lives on a daily basis can be challenging when juggling work, school, family, etc. In “Being In Balance,” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains that getting in balance is about realigning ourselves with our thoughts.  For many of us,Continue reading “Being In Balance”

Atomic Habits

The old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and James Clear’s classic book “Atomic Habits” is no exception.In the first few pages, we get the background on his life-altering injury that could have created a life of depression and disappointment, but just the opposite happened. In the aftermath of his traumatic injury,Continue reading “Atomic Habits”

High Performance Habits

With so many self-improvement books available these days, it can be tough to decide who to trust. Many forms of improvement will simply come from trial and error.  I started by asking myself: What needs to be improved and/or changed? What steps need to be taken? Do I need a change in perspective? So manyContinue reading “High Performance Habits”

Achieve Beyond Expectations

Envision what you want to achieve in any area of your life. What’s stopping you from getting there?  If you need some direction, Bill Blokker’s book “Achieve Beyond Expectations,” might be a good place to start.  Bill Blokker, Ed.D. has worked with and studied many high-achieving people over the years. He says there are fiveContinue reading “Achieve Beyond Expectations”