Metaphysical Meditations

If you are interested in strengthening your spiritual practice, this may be the book for you. In “Metaphysical Meditations,” Paramahansa Yogananda provides us with hundreds of prayers, meditations, and affirmations. This book can be helpful to those of all faiths.  In the opening pages, there is a prayer that we all come to the understandingContinue reading “Metaphysical Meditations”

The Supernatural Power of Thought

Imagine being able to make things happen and get everything you want and need.  According to James Goi Jr., we already have the tools necessary to create what we want or need.  In “The Supernatural Power of Thought,” he states that everything is supernatural (meaning any force or occurrence that is beyond the average person’sContinue reading “The Supernatural Power of Thought”

Heal Your Body

If you have been searching for a way to heal some type of “dis-ease,” you are not alone. It seems that so many of us look for outside resources/solutions when something gets out of balance in the body.  In her book “Heal Your Body,” Louise Hay explains how to awaken our own ability to contributeContinue reading “Heal Your Body”

The Power of Awakening

Imagine for a moment, you are dreaming, when suddenly you wake up. You realize you were dreaming and go on about your day.  This is what Dr. Wayne W. Dyer compares “The Power of Awakening” to.  For much of my life, I was preoccupied with this physical form of mine. I could never see beyondContinue reading “The Power of Awakening”