5 Books For Better Money Habits

I’m really into managing my finances properly to build the life I want and be in a position to help those in need. I have experienced some low financial points and some high financial points. The most important thing is to learn from experiences and pass on that knowledge to others. Here are just someContinue reading “5 Books For Better Money Habits”

How To Unlock Your Why

Have you ever heard the saying that our relationship with money is emotional? For many of us, that statement is true, and it is precisely what Heather Burgette attempts to help us unlock in “Unlock Your Why.” This book is all about having a thriving relationship with money so we can feel hopeful and moreContinue reading “How To Unlock Your Why”


If you are curious about why people behave in a certain way when it comes to financial decisions, Richard H. Thaler’s book “Misbehaving” may be of interest to you. But this isn’t your typical behavioral economics book. There are plenty of funny stories and jokes for entertainment.  For example, there’s a story about a manContinue reading “Misbehaving”

The Richest Man Of Babylon

Monday mornings have a way of getting many people to think about finances. Whether you are fulfilled in your current occupation or you are unhappy with your position, “The Richest Man Of Babylon” is a great story about accumulating and managing wealth.  Georges S. Clason describes Babylon as an example of our ability to achieveContinue reading “The Richest Man Of Babylon”