Book Of The Week: Soundtrack Your Story

The book I want to share with you all today builds on last week’s idea of living authentically.  In “Soundtrack Your Story,” A.B. North has given us some great tools to start (or grow) a writing practice for personal growth.  Click image  As someone who is striving to grow and live more authentically, I’ve foundContinue reading “Book Of The Week: Soundtrack Your Story”

Book Of The Week: This Is Your Brain On Music

If you’re a science buff and a fan of music, this blog’s for you.  Daniel Levitin is a producer turned scientist. In his book “This Is Your Brain On Music,” he gives us an in-depth look at music and the mind. Specifically, he examines how music affects our mind and spirit.  Music Is Organized Sound Continue reading “Book Of The Week: This Is Your Brain On Music”

The Organized Songwriter

From “The Crazy Brave Songwriter” that I wrote about several months ago, we now arrive at “The Organized Songwriter.” In this book, Simon Hawkins breaks down the life of a songwriter to maximize our success (only you can define what success looks like, though). Whether you define success as getting signed to a publisher, winningContinue reading “The Organized Songwriter”

The CrazyBrave Songwriter

Continuing on the creative journey from my last post, I wanted to mention Lisa M. Arreguin’s book “The Crazy Brave Songwriter.” This is a spiritual guide to songwriting but could be valuable in any craft you choose.  The Spark “The Crazy Brave Songwriter” starts with the spark. This is that one small idea that isContinue reading “The CrazyBrave Songwriter”