The Psychology Of Money

  Money is not a perfect science.  Much of what we believe about money has been conditioned from a very early age. As Morgan Housel explains in “The Psychology Of Money,” much of our financial success depends on how our emotions and beliefs impact our choices. Here are a few key points that I hopeContinue reading “The Psychology Of Money”

The Search for The Beloved

If you are looking for a big book to conquer, I’ve got you covered. Jean Houston’s book “The Search for The Beloved” is packed with so much knowledge and insight that I feel like I took a college course on mythology and sacred psychology.  Sacred psychology begins with the idea of three significant realms ofContinue reading “The Search for The Beloved”

Be Here Now

One of the best spiritual books I have come across is Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now.” “Be Here Now” illustrates the journey of Richard Alpert, Ph.D., as he transformed into Ram Dass and became a spiritual teacher. His journey started as a social scientist, then moved to psychedelics, and finally the Yogi stage, as heContinue reading “Be Here Now”

The Happiness Hypothesis

The search for happiness seems never-ending. How do we obtain it and how do we hold on to it? In “The Happiness Hypothesis,” Jonathan Haidt provides a great theory on where happiness comes from. Imagine you are in a situation where you need to choose between two difficult decisions. On the one hand, you knowContinue reading “The Happiness Hypothesis”