The Successful Mind

Have you ever wanted to read about successful habits from several different perspectives? Drawing from different perspectives and putting them all into one place, Erik Seversen created “The Successful Mind.” This is the type of book that I didn’t know I needed.  Erik Seversen came up with the brilliant idea of co-authoring a book aboutContinue reading “The Successful Mind”

The Spiritual Roots of Yoga

There are many modalities that we can practice without even knowing the history of why it was developed and practiced in the first place. For me, one of those modalities is Yoga. In “The Spiritual Roots of Yoga,” Ravi Ravindra provides a brief but in-depth narrative of Yoga.  Yoga is the longing for and realizationContinue reading “The Spiritual Roots of Yoga”

The CrazyBrave Songwriter

Continuing on the creative journey from my last post, I wanted to mention Lisa M. Arreguin’s book “The Crazy Brave Songwriter.” This is a spiritual guide to songwriting but could be valuable in any craft you choose.  The Spark “The Crazy Brave Songwriter” starts with the spark. This is that one small idea that isContinue reading “The CrazyBrave Songwriter”