The Four Agreements

Today kicks off a two-part Don Miguel Ruiz book review series. 

“The Four Agreements” is a life-changing book. Since implementing these agreements, my life has become more peaceful and I have suffered a lot less. 

Let’s start with an explanation of where the concepts in the book come from. 

Several thousand years ago, even before the Aztecs, there was a group of scientists and artists known as the Toltec. This community of people came together to explore and protect the spiritual knowledge and practices of ancient nations. This knowledge comes from an essential unity of truth and is not a religion. It is more of a way of life. 

Don Miguel Ruiz says that we are dreaming all the time, even when we are awake. This dream was created by humans long before us and includes things like society’s rules, religions, cultures, governments, schools, and holidays. For example, when a baby is born, these rules are introduced into his/her mind as a way to “teach us how to dream.” This is done by grabbing our attention and through repetition.

When information is repeatedly put into a child’s mind by parents, schools, and religion, he/she will learn how to behave in society. 

This is how we forget who we really are.

We develop a belief system full of judgments, even if they go against our inner nature.

These judgments create fear and hold us back from expressing what we truly are. 

How do we break free from the dream that we have been taught? 

We can start by making agreements with ourselves that come from love instead of fear and that help us gain energy rather than expend it.

The first and possibly most difficult agreement to make with yourself is to be impeccable with your word. Keep in mind, your word is what gives you the power to create and manifest in this world. At the same time, your word has the power to destroy. Words can enter our minds and change entire belief systems. This is why it is so important to say what you mean and speak truth and love.

The next agreement to make with yourself is to not take anything personally. Most of what others say or do is about them, not you. Do not partake of other’s emotional garbage, so that it doesn’t become your garbage. Taking things personally and feeling offended creates needless suffering.

The third agreement is to always avoid making assumptions. For me, this has been a huge lesson in communication. Even though it may take some courage, it is always best to communicate rather than assume that we know what others are doing or thinking. Also, we need to communicate what we want, to avoid misunderstandings.

Finally, the fourth agreement is to always do your best. This is especially necessary when implementing the previous three agreements.

Acknowledge that your best may change with changing circumstances. There will be no need for self-judgment or regret if you are doing your best.

Try not to get stuck in the world of illusion, it doesn’t allow you to see who you really are. 

The real you is pure love and pure light. 

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to check my next blog for part 2 of my Don Miguel Ruiz book review. 

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