Top 3 James Goi Jr. Books On Manifestation

James Goi Jr. is the author of several books with topics ranging from metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spirituality, and spiritual growth to self-help, human potential, personal development, motivation, and the Law of Attraction. His writing style is very relatable and to the point; I enjoyed the lack of unnecessary fluff in his books. 

Here are 3 of his books I’d like to highlight:

Advanced Manifesting Made Easy 

Probably James Goi’s most popular book, the information here gives us a path to abundance, prosperity, success, achievement, wealth, and wisdom. 

I love the analogy of creating a piece of art to creating what we want in life. When can a painting be considered a painting? Is it after the first brushstroke? When would we call it a piece of art? 

If we can agree that an artist engages in physical or mental activity after one brushstroke onto a canvas, then the artist has created a work of art. 

In regards to manifesting what you want in life, engage in the physical or mental activity of creating that thing. 

First, if you can perceive something in your mind, by definition, it is visible and exists in objective reality. I think of this ability to perceive as the foundation of manifestation.

Everything builds from this fundamental first principle. 

James reminds us not to be fooled by the illusion of time because what we want is not in the future. Those things that we perceive already exist. 

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power

Attracting money using mind power includes many principles discussed in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think And Grow Rich.” But “How to Attract Money Using Mind Power” is a more concise guide to manifesting money. We still want to start with desire, belief, and expectancy. Desire is always the first ingredient in attracting anything into your life. 

A few additional ideas from James Goi:

Idea #1: Strengthen your expectation that you’ll get your desired results by keeping your thoughts firmly on the end results. Your subconscious will begin to find good ways to obtain the money you want. 

Idea #2: Act as if you already have the money without letting any doubt or fear creep in. If you want $500,000, would you know how to manage it? Have you test-driven the car that you want? Have you decided on the house you would purchase? These are things you can research now as if you already have the money.

Idea #3: Get into the state of being organized. When your thoughts, time, activities, and environment are organized, you will be living more efficiently and purposefully. Furthermore, your environment mirrors and affects your thinking, so it’s best to avoid being random and aimless. 

Ten Metaphysical Secrets of Manifesting Money

James Goi says that the ten techniques in this book are referred to as secrets because many people don’t know about them. But the techniques have been available to anyone throughout human history. 

A few techniques that I found helpful:

Secret #1: It is right for you to have the money you want. 

Many of us learned a sense of lack while we were growing up. So, it’s no wonder that we feel we shouldn’t want to have more money. But this is a misconception because there is plenty of money to go around. Furthermore, having more money will lead to spending more money, stimulating the economy, and stabilizing jobs. 

Secret #2: You are worthy of having the money you want. 

Feelings of unworthiness can come from numerous experiences, starting in early childhood. Also, whenever we make a mistake, sometimes we hold on to regret and create feelings of unworthiness. 

Remember that we are spiritual as well as physical beings. We are not our mistakes; we are divinely spiritual perfect beings and are worthy of what we want. 

Secret #3: Be the person who has the money you want. 

This concept may sound confusing at first, but hear me out. 

If you want $100,000, how would that person manage their money? What would they invest in? Would they have a financial planner? These are questions you can research now in preparation for the money to make its way to you. 

James Goi’s books have helped thousands of people excel in their manifestation journey. Each book is short and to the point, with about 100 pages. But the knowledge you gain can have an enormous impact on your life. 

I would love to hear what others think about these books. Leave a comment below!

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